So Many Good Things

This week we said goodbye to both the Oklahoma Baptist Mission Team and our own Trinity Baptist Mission Team as well as Jeff and Sherill Ritter, our long time friends and Mission Taiwan Board Members.

It’s always difficult to say goodbye after such an intense and rewarding time together, but we are very thankful that God provided this great time together for us.

There are so many good things to tell you about, I’ll just try to give you a few of the highlights.

For those of you wondering about the effects of the recent Typhoon, Nepartak, apart from some light rain, we were completely untouched here in Taichung. The worst effects were on the south end of the island where there was a great deal of damage and destruction.

The picture above is our Sunday night fellowship. We expected that our attendance would drop off when summer started because many of our expatriate friends left for vacation and stateside visits, but actually we grew over the last few weeks with a good number of visitors coming from the outreaches that our mission teams led.

This year we had a special group that was honored for coming to serve the National Taiwan Sports University. They were recognized because they had made this trip four times or more. From right to left, Jeff & Sherill Ritter, Jordan Hodge, Tona Debord & Morgan Williams.

Because of the doors our short term mission teams open for us, the people we meet in just a few weeks would otherwise take us well over a year to engage and get to know.

This photo is from the night we said goodbye to our mission team from Trinity Baptist in Amarillo.

Each year we continue to see a greater openness to the Gospel than ever before. The Bible says we are to pray for workers to go into the harvest field. Thank you for praying for us and for these teams as they go into the harvest field – it is ripe for harvesting!

On the last day of Summer English Camp, Olivia asked everyone to stand up and share about their experience. This is what Sophie (pictured above) said: She told everyone about her struggle to believe and trust in Jesus. She said that she believed God had sent all of these Christians to share the Gospel with her, but every time she returned to her home, she was confronted with her family religion and the years of believing something completely different. She said that she would one day be a Christian, and asked everyone to pray for her.

You have prayed for her before and the fight for her soul is real, the enemy will not easily let her go, but we know that our God is able to deliver to the uttermost! Pray for her salvation!

WhatsApp Prayer List

WhatsApp is an app you can download to your smart device. Yes, I know it’s one more messaging app to worry with, so I apologize in advance for those of you who aren’t really into this sort of stuff.

For those who don’t mind, I send out frequent and regular prayer requests using this app. The benefit of WhatsApp is that it is secure, and I can send to a large group at the same time in one direction. So you get the message from me as an individual and if you reply, it only comes back to me, not to everyone else on the list.

In order to make sure you join my list, you need to download the app, and sign up for a WhatsApp account, then add me as a contact. That means sending a message  – send a message to this phone number +886 979 045 654

I’ll reply and let you know I received your message and add you to the list. Don’t be offended if I ask who you are, I may not have your contact info in my phone!