I Need To Tell My Parents

This past week after church, Blaze (pictured above with our TBC Amarillo group) and I were talking with one of our newer members and he shared how he had recently trusted Christ but hadn’t told his parents yet. Eric, who is also Taiwanese and understands all too well the cost of following Jesus, asked me what I had to say to Blaze and other young people who would choose to follow Christ knowing full well that it might cost them the relationship with their parents.

Just that evening we had talked about the passage where Jesus’ mother came to find him and he told those around him that his mother and brothers were those who heard God’s word and obeyed. I reminded him that as important and great as the family he was born into was, God had given him a new family and that any pain or suffering following Jesus might cost would ultimately be worth it.

Blaze looked at both of us and said, “I know this, and I know that I need to tell my parents. Otherwise how can they know the Gospel?”

I want to ask you to pray specifically for him as he prepares to do this. He hasn’t decided when, but he will. This past week, we met to learn how to pray – and we prayed specifically for this together. Pray that God will use this to draw his parents and sister to Christ.

And, if you happen to be on the path of my October trip to the states, I have some great news for you – Blaze is coming with me, so you will get to meet him in person!

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