So, what are we doing here in Taichung?

Taichung is a city of around 2.8 million people. Right now, less than 3 percent of those 2.8 million have heard or know about Jesus Christ.

We do our best to live like Jesus and share the Gospel like Paul. We look for the places where we can be a blessing and serve. What that means is we try to bring the peace, power and presence of Christ to the places where God opens doors for us, then we see who is interested and share the Gospel like Paul – pointing people to the power of the Cross in a way that makes sense in this culture.

We work closely with our local church partners and other team members. Our primary church partner is Taichung Baptist Church. Pastor Lu has been the pastor there for over a decade and is leading a healthy congregation with a great evangelistic passion. The church is located in the heart of the city, very close to most of the university campuses where we work.

Currently, we work on three university campuses. We lead three Bible studies, several English outreaches and do a lot of one to one evangelism. In addition, we bring teams from the United States to help us. If you are interested in joining or bringing a team, please contact me.

As well, in partnership with Taichung Baptist Church, we have started an English Fellowship with two primary purposes. To reach English speaking expatriates living in Taichung with the Gospel and also have another outreach for our Taiwanese friends. It’s called Taichung International Fellowship.

We have a newsletter that comes out about every two weeks. This is where we share most of the information about our work. We share the stories of what God is doing, introduce you to the people He is working in, share our successes and failures and let you know what our needs are. CLICK HERE to sign up.

In addition:

  1. Language – Although we can speak and communicate with some people in English, we believe that sharing in the heart language is best. I dedicated the first two years after we arrived to studying Mandarin so that I would be able to not only share the Gospel but also develop real relationships and live and work here long term. After completing my full-time study, I am still working with a private tutor to keep my language skills current and keep progressing. For anyone who studies languages, you know, fluency is a very high goal. At this point, I no longer need a translator to help me speak or listen, I can speak for myself and understand most of what I hear.
  2. Family – Our family is doing well. We have some friends here and are developing a great network of relationships through our English fellowship. We also remain accountable and share personally with our Board of Directors and some friends who remain close back in our home church. Our children attend an international school that was started for the purpose of serving missionary children and really enjoy their life here. Sometimes the food presents a little bit of a challenge, but overall, we really love living in Taiwan.

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