Why Taichung? 

Where we live, the 7-11 Capital of the World.
One of Taiwan’s special features is that it is has the most convenience stores per person of any country in the world. The number is somewhere close to 11,000 and growing. 7-11 is the leader with over 5,300 stores and they say that 97% of the people in Taiwan can find a 7-11 within 500 meters of their home. To put it into perspective, in our city of 2.8 million people, there are only 240 evangelical churches and well over 1,000 temples devoted to Buddhist, Daoist and traditional animistic practices. The real number is unknown because many of the smaller temples are unregistered. The fight for souls is real and intense. Every day, people are led astray by these false religions. Many of the young people we encounter even abandon their traditional upbringing because they find it so hopeless and powerless. Into this darkness we bring the light of the Gospel – shining brightly into the darkest places and with more hope and power than they have ever known.

What have we been doing this past year?
This past year has been transformative for our work here in Taichung. Through our partnership with the local church, we held our first Summer Camp where 30+ unreached students came to hear the Gospel from both our American teams and our Taiwanese Christian young people. This next summer, our camp will most likely triple in size with over 100 unreached students joining us to hear the Gospel and experience the grace of God for the first time. In addition, as we asked you to pray last year, we hoped God would send us more teams to work with from the US – and He has! These teams have helped us open new relationships with students, faculty and staff at each of the four universities where we are regularly holding campus outreach events. At one particular university, by God’s grace and providence, we now know and get to interact with the entire freshmen English department regularly. Who knows what God will do over the next four years as we invest in these young people’s lives.

We work closely with our local church partners and other team members. Our primary church partner is Taichung Baptist Church. Pastor Lu has been the pastor there for over a decade and is leading a healthy congregation with a great evangelistic passion. The church is located in the heart of the city, very close to most of the university campuses where we work.

As well, in partnership with Taichung Baptist Church, we have started an English Fellowship with two primary purposes. To reach English speaking expatriates living in Taichung with the Gospel and also have another outreach for our Taiwanese friends. It’s called Taichung International Fellowship.

We have a newsletter that comes out about every two weeks. This is where we share most of the information about our work. We share the stories of what God is doing, introduce you to the people He is working in, share our successes and failures and let you know what our needs are. CLICK HERE to sign up.

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