We Need Your Help!

Do you want to visit Taiwan? Would you like to share the Gospel with people who have never heard before?
Here is what you can do to help us share the Gospel in Taiwan.

If you come to Taichung, these are the things we need your help with. 

  • English Classes on University Campuses in Taichung
  • Partnership activities with students where you will build relationships and have opportunities to share your life and Jesus!
  • Conversation Corners on Campuses & in Coffee Shops with students
  • Church Outreach Events to help connect unbelieving students with local churches
  • Personal meetings with students to share the Gospel
  • Sports activities with students to develop relationships for cultural understanding whereby you gain opportunities to share the Gospel

When should you come to Taichung?

There isn’t a bad time to come to Taichung, but there are a few times when it would be hard to engage in ministry. Please contact us to talk about the best time for you or your group.

What’s our strategy?

We are working primarily to evangelize university students. To this end, you and/or your team will work alongside of us creating pathways to the hearts of university students through a variety of opportunities. We’ll take care of the planning. If you prepare what we give you beforehand, you will be able to walk in and have an amazing experience that will advance the Gospel, help our ministry and also change your life.

What impact will I have on your ministry and what impact will coming to Taiwan have on me and/or my team?

I hope the you will help us accomplish what I stated above. We think of it in terms of depth, not necessarily breadth. So we want to develop long term impact in places where we can develop relationships rather than pursue a shotgun approach with little or no opportunity for ongoing relationships. In return, we hope you and or your team will experience an intense time of personal evangelism, an overwhelming sense of the lostness in the world, a great love and appreciation for Chinese culture, an understanding of how to adapt and live in a place where everything is done absolutely differently from what you are used to and see it as different and not wrong. As you return home, I hope to help you carry a sense of living as an alien (1 Peter) back to your own culture and think about what that looks like no matter where you end up in the world.

What happens after we leave?

We work closely with our church here and others that share a Bible believing evangelical passion for reaching students. We have a system for follow-up that connects students to local believers and does not only attach them to us, so if something happens to us, there is no disconnect. You will be able to participate in our church (although it is a completely Chinese speaking environment), as well as meet people from other churches we work with. We also have an English fellowship that is part of our Taiwanese church where you can experience worship with our expatriate friends and Taiwanese brothers and sisters.

Who should come to Taichung? 

Pretty much anyone who has a heart for evangelism, loves people and an adventurous stomach!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us now and let’s start planning your mission to Taichung!

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